What is Merino?

Merino, a type of wool, hails from the luxurious Merino sheep breed, having fibers that are strikingly fine and soft, often less than 24 microns in diameter. Merino wool is highly valued in the textile industry for its natural warmth, moisture-wicking properties, and breathability.

A multiplicity of clothing and textile goods, ranging from socks and hats to sweaters and scarves, can be crafted from the adaptable Merino wool, attracting widespread usage in outdoor apparel. The thermal insulation of this wool makes it ideal for extreme cold temperatures, while its moisture-wicking abilities make it an ideal choice for individuals involved in physical activities.

Moreover, Merino wool is praised for its durability and resistance to odors, making it a prominent option for high-performance and athletic wear. Additionally, because it is a natural fiber, Merino wool is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Merino wool is a pliant and exceedingly coveted material in the textile industry, distinguished for its tenderness, insulating properties, and performance traits.