What is Percale?

Percale is a closely woven plain-weave fabric that has a rich history dating back to medieval times. This fabric is typically made from cotton or a cotton blend. It is known for its crisp, smooth texture and is often used for bed linens, especially in warmer climates.

Percale's dense weave makes it extremely durable and resistant to pilling, while still remaining breathable and lightweight. Its matte finish and subtle sheen give it an understated elegance that can elevate any bedding ensemble.

While many compare percale to another popular bedding fabric, sateen, the two are distinct in their weave structure. Percale has a simple over-under weave, while sateen has a more complex weave that produces a silky, lustrous surface.

To ensure the highest quality when shopping for percale sheets, it is important to consider the thread count, which is the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric.

However, a higher thread count does not necessarily mean better quality, as it can also make the fabric heavier and less breathable. A thread count between 200 and 400 is considered ideal for percale, striking a balance between quality and breathability.