What is Closed Off?

Closed off is a term used in the textile industry to describe a visual defect that occurs in the fabric during the manufacturing process. It appears as a line or mark that runs either transversely or longitudinally along the length of the fabric, and is also known as Barre.

Closed off can be caused by a number of factors, including variations in the tension of the warp or weft yarns, or differences in the thickness of the yarns used to make the fabric. These variations can lead to irregularities in the fabric's appearance, resulting in visible lines or marks running along its surface.

Closed off can be a significant quality issue for textile manufacturers, as it can make the fabric appear unattractive or unsuitable for its intended use. In some cases, closed off may be acceptable or even desirable for certain types of fabrics, such as those used for rustic or casual clothing.

However, for fabrics intended for more formal or high-end applications, closed off is generally considered a defect that needs to be avoided or minimized.

Manufacturers use various techniques, including adjusting the tension of the yarns and carefully selecting and blending yarns of similar thickness, to reduce the occurrence of closed off in their fabrics.