What is Napping?

Napping is a technique utilized in textile finishing, where the fabric's surface fibers are raised to yield a plush, velvety texture. This is achieved by means of a wire brush or a mechanical apparatus fitted with metal teeth, both of which aid in pulling the fibers on the fabric's surface upward.

A range of fabrics, including wool, cotton, and synthetic blends, can be subjected to the napping process to create a product that exudes warmth and comfort, perfect for apparel items such as pajamas, flannel shirts, and blankets.

The technique of napping is versatile, as it can be executed on one or both sides of the fabric. Furthermore, the depth and length of the nap can be adjusted according to the desired degree of softness and texture. Napping can also be combined with other finishing methods, such as shearing, which involves trimming the raised fibers to yield a uniform surface.

All in all, napping is an exceedingly sought-after finishing process for yielding cozy, comfortable fabrics that are especially suitable for winter garments and accessories.