What is Serge?

Serge is an exceptionally strong and sturdy fabric that is often employed in the manufacturing of uniforms, suits, and other apparel items that require the ability to withstand frequent use.

The distinctive diagonal ridges that appear on the surface of the fabric result from the twill weave used in its construction. This twill weave creates a smooth, flat surface on one side of the fabric and a diagonal rib on the other side, giving serge a versatile quality that can be utilized for both formal and informal clothing.

The use of wool is prevalent in the production of serge, although cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers can also be used. Serge is available in a range of colors and shades, but darker shades are commonly used for police and military uniforms.

Additionally, serge's ability to drape well and hold its shape makes it suitable for suits and jackets, while the fabric's robustness and durability make it suitable for use in home decors such as upholstery and curtains.

Different serge weaves are available, with the four-end serge, six-end serge, and eight-end serge being the most common types. The number of yarns used in each warp or weft determines the tightness of the weave, with a higher number resulting in a stronger and more robust fabric.