What is Nainsook?

Nainsook, a delicate and lightweight cotton textile, is a fabric that is widely utilized in various textile applications. The intricately plain-woven material is commonly employed in the production of soft and fragile clothing items such as baby clothes, nightgowns, and lingerie due to its exceptional smoothness and semi-transparency.

The origin of the fabric's name comes from Naini, a small town in India where it was originally manufactured. The earliest mention of the word nainsook is recorded in 1790. It is derived from the Hindi word 'nainsukh', which means 'eye's delight'.

Although it was primarily created using cotton or a cotton blend in the past, contemporary Nainsook fabrics are crafted using a variety of fibers, including rayon and silk. It is typically bleached or dyed with light pastel colors to enhance its delicate appearance.

Not only is Nainsook a popular choice for soft garments, but it is also frequently utilized as a lining fabric for heavier fabrics. This addition provides extra comfort and softness to various types of clothing. Furthermore, it is commonly used in crafting projects such as quilting and household items like tablecloths, bed linens, and curtains.

Overall, Nainsook is valued for its lightweight and breathable nature, which makes it a popular selection for delicate clothing and linings.