What is Madras Fabric?

Madras fabric, a lightweight cotton fabric with a distinctive plaid or checked pattern, originated in the city of Madras (now Chennai), India, where it was handwoven and dyed with vegetable dyes. At present, the term 'Madras' refers more generally to the colorful plaid or checked pattern that is commonly associated with the fabric.

Madras fabric is typically made from lightweight cotton yarns, making it comfortable and breathable. The fabric is often brightly colored and features a bold plaid or check pattern, with colors ranging from muted earth tones to vibrant, eye-catching shades.

Traditionally, the fabric was handwoven and dyed with natural dyes, but today it is also produced using mechanical weaving and chemical dyes.

Madras fabric is commonly used for summer clothing, such as shirts, dresses, and skirts. The lightweight, breathable fabric is ideal for warm weather, and the bright colors and patterns add a fun, casual touch to any outfit. The fabric is also sometimes used for home decor, such as curtains, tablecloths, and throw pillows.