What is Cambric?

Cambric, a plain-woven cotton fabric, is known for its smooth and fine texture. It's often compared to voile or lawn but has a little more thickness and heft. Cambric fabric is woven using a plain weave, where the weft threads pass over and under the warp threads in a straightforward over-under pattern.

This fine fabric was first made in the French town of Cambrai (hence the name), and now finds its use in various textile applications, including bedding, linens, and clothing. Thanks to its gentleness and breathability, it has particularly gained recognition in the baby clothing and bedding market.

Cambric fabric usually features cotton but can also comprise linen or a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers. It has a relatively high thread count, adding to its smooth and fine texture. Cambric is also recognized for its robustness and strength, making it an excellent fit for a range of textile applications.

Cambric fabric is a popular and versatile fabric that is admired for its fine texture, softness, and durability. It is a common choice for a wide range of textile applications and can be found in many colors and patterns.