What is Capital Fiber?

Capital fiber, also known as cuprammonium rayon, is a type of regenerated cellulose fiber made from the wood pulp of hardwood trees like beech. It is chemically processed using cuprammonium solution to create a smooth and lustrous fiber that is similar to rayon.

What distinguishes capital fiber is its exceptional draping qualities, tenderness, and propensity to absorb moisture, making it a top preference for clothing articles such as lingerie, dresses, and blouses. Its versatility and durability also make it a widely used option for home textiles like upholstery and curtains.

A significant benefit of capital fiber is its capability of adopting a range of vibrant and vivid colors, rendering it a preferred choice for intricate prints and patterns. This fiber can be effortlessly blended with other fibers like silk and wool to enhance their properties further.

Nevertheless, the creation of capital fiber necessitates the usage of chemicals that can have harmful environmental impacts if not adequately managed. To minimize these impacts, proper disposal of the chemicals becomes crucial.