What is Bunting?

Bunting, a lightweight and loosely woven fabric, is the darling of the decorative world. This delightful fabric is mainly made from cotton or cotton blends, making it a perfect choice for decorative items such as flags, banners, and other charming decorative items.

Bunting's woven plain structure has a distinct texture, which feels slightly rough to the touch. Not only does it come in a variety of colors, but it's also available in various patterns to create visually captivating decorations.

Cutting and shaping bunting is an effortless task, making it an excellent choice for creating many decorative items. This fabric is perfect for making flags, banners, and outdoor decorations for events and celebrations. Bunting is also commonly used for indoor decorations for parties and special occasions.

Apart from its decorative applications, bunting is sometimes used as a backing fabric for quilting and sewing projects, primarily when a lightweight and breathable fabric is required.

In summary, bunting is the go-to fabric for creating delightful and celebratory items. It's a versatile fabric with a unique texture and a vast range of colors and patterns, making it the perfect choice for creating attractive and cheerful decorative items.