What is Complainant?

The term 'complainant' refers to an individual or group who initiates a complaint or accusation against another person, usually in a criminal case. This person is often the victim or alleged victim of a crime, but may also be a witness or anyone else involved in the case.

The complainant is an important player in criminal proceedings, as they provide evidence and testimony about the alleged crime and assist in prosecuting the defendant. Although it is not required, they may also be represented by a lawyer.

The extent of the complainant's involvement in a criminal case depends on various factors such as the type of crime and the jurisdiction in which the case is being heard.

For instance, in domestic violence cases, the complainant's cooperation may be crucial to securing a conviction. Conversely, in white-collar crime cases, the complainant may not be as directly involved in the prosecution, but may still contribute by providing evidence or information.

The complainant's role is to ensure that justice is served by calling attention to criminal activity and assisting in the prosecution of those who have committed crimes.