What is Chambers?

Chambers refer to private rooms located within a courthouse or court building that are used by judges and magistrates. These rooms are intended for confidential discussions between the judge or magistrate and the lawyers, witnesses, or other parties involved in a case.

Apart from providing a private meeting space, chambers may also be used for administrative tasks such as reviewing legal documents, preparing orders or judgments, and conducting research. Chambers may also be used for informal hearings or pre-trial conferences that do not take place in a courtroom.

Judges also use their chambers to do paperwork and research related to cases. They may prepare orders or judgments, review evidence, or conduct legal research, all in the privacy of their chambers. In addition, judges may hold meetings with attorneys or other court staff to discuss cases or other court-related matters.

Chambers are essential spaces for judges and magistrates to conduct confidential conversations and prepare for court proceedings.

They provide a private space for the judge to do important administrative and legal work, ensuring that cases can be heard fairly and efficiently in the courtroom.