What is Water Resistant?

Water resistance is a complex and multifaceted property of textiles that is key to their ability to keep you dry in wet conditions. Textile materials that possess this desirable characteristic are endowed with the ability to fend off H2O and prevent it from infiltrating their fibers.

This feat can be accomplished in a multitude of ways, such as by applying water-repellent coatings or finishes, selecting hydrophobic fibers that resist water absorption, or weaving fabrics in a dense and impenetrable fashion.

Water-resistant textiles find their way into many different arenas, ranging from outdoor apparel that protects against inclement weather and rainwear that keeps you dry during unexpected deluges, to industrial equipment that shields you from the effects of water-based activities. These versatile textiles also make their way into home textiles, such as shower curtains that keep your bathroom dry, outdoor furniture that withstands the elements, and upholstery that resists water damage.

The degree of water resistance can vary widely depending on the specific textile and the production processes utilized to manufacture it. Some textiles offer only minimal protection against water, while others boast complete waterproofing, meaning that they can withstand heavy rain or even submersion in water without letting a single drop seep through.

Water-resistant textiles are typically assigned a rating that spans a range from water-resistant (offering protection against light rain or splashes) to waterproof (capable of repelling heavy rain or immersion in water).