What is Terry Velour?

Terry velour is a textile that merges the features of both terry cloth and velour. This soft and absorbent fabric is produced by blending cotton and synthetic fibers, and has a pile surface that looks similar to terry cloth, with a smooth surface resembling velour.

Its shorter loops give it a denser feel and better absorbency than terry cloth, which is why it is preferred for towels, robes, and other moisture-wicking products.

To make terry velour, the fabric undergoes a complex production process. First, it is knitted or woven, then subjected to shearing, where the surface is trimmed to create a uniform pile height. The next step is napping, where the fabric is brushed to make it soft and fluffy. Finally, the fabric is dyed to the desired color and treated with various finishes like wrinkle-resistant, antimicrobial, or flame-retardant finishes.

Terry velour is a versatile fabric used in a wide range of applications, from home textiles to sports apparel. It is popularly used in bathrobes, towels, and spa wraps because of its absorbent and soft nature. Its moisture-wicking ability makes it a great option for athletic apparel like tracksuits and sweatshirts.

Additionally, its plush texture and softness make it an ideal choice for blankets, throws, and pillows. Overall, terry velour is a luxurious and functional textile that combines the best features of both terry cloth and velour, making it a sought-after choice in the market.