What is Prepared for Print?

In the textile industry, 'prepared for print' is a term that describes fabrics that have undergone a series of treatments to make them fit for printing. This process aims to ensure that the fabric can effectively receive and retain ink and that the resulting print will have the desired clarity, color, and durability.

The preparation process for print can include an array of treatments, ranging from bleaching, dyeing, coating, and finishing. For instance, chemicals may be used to remove any impurities or to create a smoother surface that can better absorb ink.

Additionally, the fabric may be coated with a layer of sizing or other substances that help to prevent the printed design from bleeding or smudging.

After the fabric has been prepared for print, it can be printed using various techniques, such as digital printing, screen printing, or rotary printing. Prepared-for-print fabrics are used in numerous applications, including fashion apparel, commercial printing, and home decor.