What is Shantung?

Shantung is a fabric that boasts a distinctive texture, thanks to its uneven slubs. Typically, it's made using a blend of cotton or synthetic fibers and silk, although the original shantung was made from wild silk in China's Shandong province.

The rough texture of shantung comes from weaving uneven yarns, making it a popular choice for clothing that demands visual interest or texture, such as blouses, dresses, and suits. Shantung's crisp hand enables it to hold its shape and makes it easy to manipulate.

Shantung is similar to Dupioni but is slightly thinner and much less irregular. Shantung is often utilized in bridal gowns due to its lightweight and delicate texture. The fabric is also frequently dyed in pastel or muted colors to enhance its soft and elegant appearance.

The weight of a shantung can vary significantly, from lightweight and sheer to a more rigid, heavier structure. Its elegant appearance makes it a go-to for formal wear, and it comes in a broad spectrum of patterns and colors. Nevertheless, shantung's unique texture makes it more challenging to maintain than smoother fabrics, and it's usually dry-cleaned to maintain its appearance.