What is Crinoline?

Crinoline is a type of fabric that is characterized by its stiff texture, which is achieved through a chemical treatment. It is a plain weave fabric, meaning that the warp and weft threads are woven over and under each other in a basic over-under pattern. The thread count of crinoline is very low, which means that the fabric has a loose weave and is quite lightweight.

Historically, crinoline was made from horsehair and cotton or linen, and was used to create underskirts and dress linings. However, modern crinoline is made from synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, and cotton.

Despite being made from different materials, modern crinoline retains its characteristic stiffness and is often used to provide structure and support to the edge of hems and puff sleeves in garments.

Crinoline is a unique and versatile fabric that has been used for centuries in fashion design. Its stiff texture makes it an ideal choice for creating the desired shape and structure of a garment, and its low thread count and plain weave give it a simple yet elegant appearance.