What is Raschel Knit?

Raschel knit is a type of warp knitting that is renowned for its impressive stability, durability, and unique open-work design.

It involves the use of a warp beam that securely holds the yarns in place while they are being knitted, enabling a versatile range of patterns, textures, and designs to be created. Different fibers, including natural and synthetic ones, can be used to make Raschel fabrics, making them highly adaptable for a variety of applications, such as clothing, sportswear, lingerie, and home textiles.

Raschel knit fabrics are particularly famous for their delicate and intricate lace designs, which showcase the knit structure of the fabric. Moreover, they serve as a sturdy base for embroidery and other embellishments, further enhancing their versatility.

Another notable characteristic of Raschel knit fabrics is their ability to be produced in various weights and densities, ranging from sheer and lightweight to thick and heavy, depending on the yarns used.

The stretchability of Raschel knit fabrics without losing shape is another great advantage, resulting in comfortable and easy-to-wear fabrics. Raschel knit fabrics are an excellent choice for a broad range of applications due to their adaptability, durability, and intricate designs.