What is Pongee?

Pongee is a lightweight, plain weave fabric that is characterized by its slubbed texture, which is created by using spun yarns with variations in the tightness of their twist.

This texture gives the fabric a subtle, irregular surface that adds visual interest and a natural feel to the fabric. Pongee is typically made from silk, but can also be made from cotton, rayon, or polyester.

One of the main uses of Pongee is in the production of blouses and dresses due to its soft drape and smooth finish. It is also commonly used for linings, scarves, and ties. Pongee has a natural luster that is enhanced by the slubbed texture and is often used for formal wear such as bridal gowns and evening wear.

While Pongee is traditionally made in a plain weave, it can also be produced in a variety of other weaves, including twill and satin weaves, which can add additional texture and depth to the fabric. Its versatility and natural look and feel make it a popular choice for a wide range of applications in the fashion industry.