What is Polymer?

When it comes to textiles, a polymer is a huge molecule that consists of repeating units known as monomers. These polymers can either be natural like proteins and cellulose, or synthetic like polyester and nylon.

In textile manufacturing, polymers are often utilized to produce fibers and fabrics that possess desired qualities such as strength, elasticity, and longevity. Synthetic polymers, such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon, are particularly useful in textiles because of their adaptability and ability to be tailored to specific requirements.

Polymer fibers can be produced using various methods such as dry spinning, melt spinning, and wet spinning. Once the polymer has been transformed into fibers, they can be woven, knitted, or subjected to non-woven methods to create fabrics.

Textiles made from polymers have many uses, including clothing, industrial textiles, home textiles, and geotextiles. Additionally, they can be used in the form of films, coatings, and composites to provide extra functionality or performance to other materials.