What is Combed Cotton?

Combed cotton is a variety of cotton that undergoes an additional process in its production to create a smoother, stronger, and more consistent fabric.

The process involves the use of fine combs that separate the longest and strongest fibers from impurities and shorter fibers. This results in a fabric that is less prone to pilling or fuzziness and has a more polished appearance.

Combed cotton is utilized in various textiles, including bedding, towels, clothing, and undergarments. It is preferred for its softness and durability, and it is less likely to wrinkle or shrink in comparison to regular cotton. The removal of impurities during the combing process also makes the fabric cleaner and more hypoallergenic.

Combed cotton is versatile and can be used in various weaves and finishes, such as twill or sateen. It is frequently blended with other fibers like spandex or polyester to enhance its stretch and performance properties.

Combed cotton is a premium quality fabric that offers exceptional comfort and durability, making it a popular choice for a broad range of uses.