What is Wind Resistant?

Wind resistance, an essential property for fabrics, refers to their ability to withstand the penetration of air. To ensure the required level of wind resistance, these fabrics are constructed with tightly woven or knit structures that can efficiently obstruct the flow of air.

In addition, wind-resistant fabrics are often treated with specialized coatings or finishes, like water-repellent coatings, that enhance their performance by preventing moisture from getting in and lowering their wind resistance.

The applications of wind-resistant fabrics are widespread in various industries, including outdoor clothing and equipment like jackets, pants, and tents. They provide a strong barrier against the wind, keeping the wearers snug and warm in harsh weather conditions. Moreover, these fabrics are extensively used in sports and performance wear to minimize drag and increase athletic performance.

To sum it up, the consideration of wind resistance when selecting fabrics is crucial for outdoor activities and performance and athletic wear. It can improve comfort and enhance performance in various environmental conditions.