What is Bengaline?

Bengaline or Bengalina is a type of fabric that is characterized by its unique ribbed texture and stretchy properties. Originally created in the late 19th century, it became popular in the fashion world for women's and children's clothing due to its resemblance and impression of genuine silk and its durability.

Bengaline is made from a blend of fibers, with cotton and rayon being the most common. The combination of these fibers creates a sturdy warp-faced fabric that is ideal for creating form-fitting garments. The pronounced crosswise ribs in Bengaline are formed by using bulky, coarse, plied yarns or rubber thread in the weft direction.

Bengaline fabric can be made from natural textiles such as cotton, wool, or silk, or from synthetic fibers such as rayon or nylon. It is also commonly made from a combination of different materials, which allows for a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes. The fabric is known for its stretchy properties, which make it ideal for creating garments that hug the body without restricting movement.

Bengaline is a versatile fabric that can be used in a variety of clothing applications, including dresses, skirts, pants, and jackets. It is also commonly used in home decors, such as upholstery and drapery, due to its durability and texture.

Overall, Bengaline is a popular and timeless fabric that has been used in the fashion world for over a century. Its distinctive ribbed texture, stretchy properties, and durability make it a versatile and valuable textile for a wide range of applications.