What is Rebuttal?

Rebuttal is the presentation of evidence or arguments by one party to challenge the evidence or arguments presented by the opposing party during a trial or hearing.

It is used to challenge the credibility of evidence or testimony introduced by the opposing party and to provide the court with a complete and accurate picture of the facts of the case. The purpose of rebuttal is to allow the trier of fact to make an informed decision based on all available evidence.

Rebuttal can take many forms, including the presentation of new evidence, cross-examination of witnesses, and arguments based on evidence already presented. It is a crucial part of the adversarial system of justice, which relies on each side to present their best case in order to ensure that the court makes a fair and impartial decision.

For rebuttal to be effective, it must be timely and relevant to the evidence or arguments presented by the opposing party.

The court ultimately determines whether the rebuttal evidence or arguments are admissible and whether they have any probative value in the case.