What is Felony?

A heinous crime that could land one in jail for over a year is called a felony. These are way more severe than misdemeanors, which are minor offenses that usually get you less than a year in prison.

Some examples of felonies include things like murder, rape, robbery, burglary, and drug trafficking, among others. They're usually classified into categories depending on how terrible the crime was and how much punishment you might be looking at. Of course, the exact categories and penalties vary from place to place.

The authorities tend to take felonies seriously and will prosecute them aggressively. If one is found guilty of a felony, he/she could face some seriously stiff penalties, including imprisonment, fines, and losing rights like voting, owning firearms, or working in certain professions.

The consequences of being convicted of a felony can be far-reaching and last a lifetime. It can make it hard to find a job or a place to live, and it might be tough to get any financial help.

In the US, some states even have a 'three-strikes' law that means that if you get caught three times, you might end up spending the rest of your life behind bars.

With all that in mind, it's clear that felonies are no joke, and it's essential to make sure that anyone accused of a felony gets a fair and just trial, with the presumption of innocence and the chance to present a defense.