What is Ticking?

Ticking, a tightly-woven textile, is a stalwart in the world of bedding manufacturing, especially in mattresses and pillows. Historically, ticking referred to a striped patterned material, but these days, it can be any tightly woven fabric that covers bedding.

Cotton or cotton blends are commonly used to make ticking, though polyester and other fibers are also used. Its durability and strength make it an excellent choice for daily-use bedding products like mattresses and pillows. The tight weave of the fabric also helps to keep the filling inside in place.

Ticking can also be treated with various finishes to enhance its performance, such as water-resistant coatings to resist spills and stains, or antimicrobial finishes to prevent bacteria and fungi growth.

In terms of design, ticking comes in a range of colors and patterns, from timeless stripes to trendy prints. Its ability to offer versatility, durability, and functionality has made it a popular choice in the bedding industry for many years.