What is Sateen Weave?

Sateen weave is a technique used in textile production to create a fabric with a smooth and glossy surface on one side, and a matte surface on the other. It's a variant of the satin weave, with the difference being that the long floats that produce the sheen are found on the back of the fabric in sateen weave.

Typically, cotton is the most commonly used material for sateen weave, although silk or synthetic fibers can also be used. The resulting fabric is lightweight and has a soft, silky texture, which makes it an ideal choice for creating luxurious bedding, draperies, and apparel.

Sateen weave has a reputation for durability, thanks to its long floats, which make it more resistant to wear and tear. However, this also makes it more prone to snagging and pilling. Additionally, the smooth and glossy surface of sateen weave makes it more susceptible to showing stains and dirt, meaning that it requires special care during laundering.

Sateen weave fabrics are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, and can be printed or embroidered on. Its soft and smooth texture, as well as its lustrous surface, make it a popular choice for creating a variety of luxury textile products, from bedding to draperies to apparel.