What is Panne Velvet?

Panne velvet is a special type of velvet fabric that goes through a process called 'panning' which presses the fabric flat using heavy rollers. This process gives the fabric a flat, shiny surface with a soft and plush feel.

It is made by running the fabric through high-pressure rollers that compress the pile in one direction while smoothing it in the opposite direction. The resulting fabric is ideal for garments that require a high degree of drape and a luxurious feel.

This fabric is a chameleon of sorts, as it can be made from an array of materials such as silk, cotton, polyester, or rayon. Panne velvet is not just any ordinary fabric; it is ideal for high-end evening wear, lavish costumes, and lavish home decor pieces like plush pillows or opulent draperies.

The exceptional range of colors and patterns available make it a popular choice for a plethora of applications. Panne velvet is a versatile fabric that adds a dash of glamour and luxury to any garment or decor item.