What is Melton?

Melton, a thick woolen fabric, boasts a dense structure traditionally fashioned through twill weaving, creating a felt-like surface after undergoing a process called fulling or milling.

During this process, the fabric is subjected to pressure and moisture, compelling the fibers to bond and interlock tightly, resulting in a compact and durable fabric. Melton cloth is also tightly sheared and napped, giving it a smooth and uniform surface.

Interestingly, Melton's twill weave is entirely concealed by finishing processes, rendering it plain and uniform. Such a fabric, renowned for its heavy and thick nature, is commonly utilized in outerwear like jackets and coats, providing excellent insulation and protection against cold weather.

Melton fabric is renowned for its great strength and resistance to tearing, making it a popular option for creating high-quality and long-lasting clothing. It comes in a broad selection of hues, giving customers a wide range of alternatives.

It is worth noting that Melton fabric is prevalent in the production of outerwear, particularly in colder environments. Its thickness and weight make it ideal for military and police uniforms, as well as hats and bags. It is often used as a lining or interlining, adding warmth and structure to the garment.