What is Knit-de-Knit (kDk)?

Knit-de-knit is a textile process used to create fabrics with unique patterns and designs. It involves knitting a fabric, followed by a process of partially or completely unraveling the knit fabric, and then re-knitting it to form a new fabric with a different structure or design.

The process begins with a flat-knitting machine that produces a fabric with a specific pattern or design. The fabric is then passed through a machine that unravels the knit structure, resulting in a mass of individual yarns. These yarns can then be used to create a new fabric with a different structure or design by re-knitting them on a knitting machine. This can be done by knitting the yarns in a different pattern or by combining them with other yarns or fibers.

Knit-de-knit is often used to create fabrics with a more open and breathable structure, as well as fabrics with unique texture and design. The process is commonly used in the production of fashion apparel, such as dresses, skirts, and tops, as well as in the production of home textiles like blankets and throws.