What is Core Yarn?

Core yarn, in textile manufacturing, is a type of yarn that consists of a central core or filament, surrounded by one or more layers of fibers or filaments. The core yarn can be made of a range of materials, including cotton, polyester, or nylon, and can also vary in thickness and strength depending on the desired application.

The surrounding fibers or filaments are typically made of materials that provide additional strength, elasticity, or texture to the finished product. Wool, silk, or synthetic fibers such as rayon or acrylic are some of these materials to name.

Core yarns can be used in different textile applications, including knitting, weaving, and braiding to create different end products. These yarns are often used to create fabrics that possess properties like durability, stretch, or moisture-wicking.

In knitting, for example, core yarns can be used to produce ribbed or textured patterns, while in weaving, they can be used to create fabrics with a varied thickness or texture.

One common use of core yarns is in the production of denim fabric. In this application, a core yarn made of cotton or polyester is wrapped with a layer of cotton fibers to create a strong, durable fabric with a distinctive texture and appearance.