What is Corduroy?

Corduroy is an absolute texture king that features a ribbed pattern that is created by weaving twisted yarns, known as 'cords,' into a design that makes parallel lines or 'wales.' The fabric is super sturdy and is typically made from cotton, but can be made from various materials like polyester or a blend of different textiles.

Corduroy fabric comes in different types of cords, including wide-wale, mid-wale, and narrow-wale, which refer to the width of the cords in the fabric. The wider the cords, the more casual the fabric appears, while narrow-wale corduroy is considered more formal.

You can get corduroy in all sorts of clothing, from lightweight gear to heavy-duty upholstery. It's usually found in apparel such as trousers, jackets, and skirts, as well as accessories like bags and hats. Its soft and warm texture makes it an ideal fabric for autumn and winter clothing.

There are different types of corduroy available that feature different widths of cords, including wide-wale, mid-wale, and narrow-wale. The thicker the cords, the more laid-back the material seems, whereas narrow-wale corduroy has a more sophisticated vibe.

Creating corduroy fabric requires many stages, including carding and spinning cotton fibers, dying yarn, weaving fabric on a loom, and then cutting and finishing the material. Brushing or shearing the fabric is often done to create an even and smooth surface while improving its softness and texture.