What is CLO Value?

CLO value is a measure used in the textile industry to express the thermal resistance of clothing. It is defined as the amount of insulation required to keep a resting person comfortable in a normally ventilated room at a temperature of 21°C (70°F). One CLO is equivalent to the insulation provided by typical indoor clothing.

Numerous factors, such as the thickness and type of fabric, the number of layers, and the presence of insulation materials such as down or synthetic fill, influence the CLO value. The higher the CLO value, the more insulation the clothing provides, and the warmer it will keep the wearer.

In the design of clothing for harsh environments, such as outerwear for frigid weather or protective clothing for hazardous materials, the CLO value is critical. It is also employed in the testing and certification of clothing for specific applications, such as firefighting or military use.

Understanding the CLO value is not only important for manufacturers but also for customers. It assists them in making informed decisions about the apparel they purchase, ensuring that they are appropriately dressed for their intended activities and protected from harsh environmental conditions.

With the ever-changing climate, the CLO value has become even more important in creating clothing that can withstand various weather patterns, ensuring that individuals remain safe and comfortable in any situation.