What is Buckram?

Buckram, a heavyweight fabric, is the unsung hero of textile projects, used to shape and support various accessories like hats, bags, and costumes. The fabric is so stiff that you could almost use it to slice bread. Made from cotton or cotton/polyester blend, buckram is well-known for its rough texture, which feels like sandpaper on your fingertips.

To add to its rigidity, buckram is coated with starch or resin, transforming it into the Terminator of fabrics. While it comes in a range of colors, you're most likely to find it in black or white, like the yin and yang of textile support.

Buckram is a go-to for designers of all kinds, from bookbinders to costume makers to hat designers. The fabric's rigidity makes it ideal for stiffening hat brims or creating structure for handbags and other accessories. When used as an interlining for curtains or drapes, it can add enough body to make them stand up straight and proud.

One of the greatest benefits of buckram is how easily it can be cut and shaped, making it ideal for creating complex, three-dimensional structures. You can combine it with other materials, like wire or foam, to construct intricate designs that defy gravity.

All in all, buckram is a rugged, robust fabric that is ubiquitous in the textile industry for its ability to create durable, supportive projects. Its exceptional strength and unwavering ability to hold its shape make it the ultimate choice for various applications.