What is Release on Recognizance?

'Release on recognizance' (ROR), or 'own recognizance' (OR), is a legal maneuver that allows a defendant to be set free from detention without any upfront payment or pledge of property.

Rather, the defendant is released with a verbal promise to appear in court at all proceedings related to their case.

ROR is usually granted in instances where the defendant is viewed as posing minimal flight risk and is not expected to be a threat to the safety of the community.

Various factors are taken into account when determining whether ROR should be granted, such as the defendant's connections to the community, employment status, criminal background, and the severity of the charges against them.

ROR is frequently regarded as a more impartial and fair substitute for traditional bail systems, which can result in pretrial imprisonment for those who cannot afford to pay bail.

ROR guarantees that defendants are not locked up solely because they are economically disadvantaged, while also providing the court with an assurance that the defendant will show up for all court appearances.