What is Recross?

Recross refers to the complex and challenging third stage of questioning that can occur during cross-examination. In this stage, the attorney who called the witness has already conducted direct examination and cross-examination, and has had the opportunity to conduct redirect examination.

The opposing attorney then has the opportunity to conduct cross-examination, followed by the original attorney's redirect examination, and finally, the opposing attorney's recross-examination.

Recross-examination is a powerful tool used by attorneys to delve deeper into any issues that may have arisen during the redirect examination and to challenge the credibility of the witness.

It is an intense and competitive process that can require quick thinking and a deep understanding of the rules of evidence and courtroom decorum.

Recross-examination is limited to the scope of the redirect examination, but can still be highly effective in eliciting important information or clarifying ambiguities in the testimony.

Attorneys must be prepared to ask probing and incisive questions, while also being careful not to engage in improper questioning or argumentation.