What is Injunction?

An injunction is this thing that a court can order, and it makes someone either do or not do a specific thing.

In criminal cases, they use injunctions to stop people from doing bad stuff, like contacting a victim or witness, or make them do good stuff, like going to counseling or drug treatment.

Usually, someone has to ask for an injunction, like the victim or the prosecutor. And they have to show that they'll get really hurt if the court doesn't grant the injunction and that it's likely that bad things will happen if the court doesn't issue it.

Injunctions can be either temporary or permanent. A temporary one is only for a little bit of time, usually until the court decides if they need a permanent one. But a permanent one can be forever unless the court changes their mind.

Injunctions are pretty cool because they can keep victims safe and make people do what they're supposed to. But they have to be done just right, or else they can be a real problem.

The court has to make sure that an injunction doesn't break any laws or make things too hard for someone.