What is Indeterminate Sentence?

An indeterminate sentence is a form of sentencing that allows for a range of prison time rather than a specific length. It's the parole board's job to decide the exact duration based on factors like the offender's conduct and risk level.

This type of sentencing is primarily used for more severe crimes such as violent offenses or repeated crimes, in order to promote flexibility in sentencing and encourage efforts at rehabilitation.

Parole or probation may be implemented in tandem with an indeterminate sentence, and strict rules and limitations may be imposed during the supervised release period.

The primary goal of an indeterminate sentence is to strike a balance between punishment and rehabilitation, with the parole board considering individual progress and behavior to determine release.

However, some view indeterminate sentences as arbitrary and unpredictable, with potential disparities in sentencing based on social factors like race, socioeconomic status, or personal relationships with parole board members.