What is Certification?

Certification is a process that can put a juvenile offender in a legal limbo. This controversial procedure allows the case to be transferred from juvenile court to adult court, where the young offender will be treated as an adult.

This move is usually requested by the prosecutor when the juvenile has been accused of a serious crime such as murder or rape, and the judge may agree to certify the young person as an adult.

Certification has raised many questions and criticisms in the juvenile justice system. While some argue that it is necessary to hold juveniles accountable for their actions and to protect public safety, others argue that the consequences are too severe for the young offenders, and that the adult criminal justice system is not equipped to provide the same level of rehabilitation and support as the juvenile system.

Critics believe that juveniles are not as mature or experienced as adults and should not be subject to the same harsh penalties and procedures.

As a result, certification remains a controversial issue that requires a careful consideration of the risks and benefits of treating young offenders as adults.