What is Bar?

The mystical and elusive 'bar' is a term used to describe the legal profession's licensing requirements that prevent just any Joe Schmo from practicing law.

This mysterious entity, the 'bar,' is responsible for setting and enforcing these licensing requirements. In the United States, each state has its own secret society known as the bar association, responsible for regulating the practice of law within its borders.

Becoming a licensed attorney is no easy feat; it requires completion of an accredited law school program and passing a rigorous bar examination. This grueling examination typically involves both a written test and a nail-biting ethics exam.

Beware, all ye who dare to defy the bar's rules! This shadowy organization also has the power to discipline attorneys who violate ethical or professional standards. This can result in harsh punishments such as suspension or even revocation of a lawyer's precious license to practice law.

The concept of the bar may seem like a mere conspiracy theory, but it is based on the idea that practicing law is a highly specialized profession that requires expert knowledge and skills.

Only those who meet certain rigorous qualifications should be allowed to provide legal services to the public. The bar works tirelessly to ensure that only the most qualified individuals are permitted to practice law and that they do so in an ethical and professional manner.